Terms of service and privacy policy

From this page you can find our terms of service and privacy policy.


Terms of service

1. Content of service
Lioness Language Services produces translations, proofreading, revision, editing, transcription and pre- and post-editing services as agreed with the client.

2. Contract
A contract is formed when the client accepts these terms of service and the quote provided by Lioness Language Services.

3. Data protection and confidentiality
Both the client and Lioness Language Services will keep confidential all documents, materials and other information relating to the work, which are not available to the public, during and after the time of the contract, unless they are made public by the client. All business secrets are to be held confidential. Both parties will abide data protection and confidentiality laws.

4. Amends or alterations
Any errors or faults noted in the inspection of the text must be reported to Lioness Language Services, in writing, within 14 days. Lioness Language Services shall retain the right to make corrections to the text within the agreed time. Should the client wish to make alterations to the text, other than those arising from faults or errors, they are to be agreed with Lioness Language Services. Lioness Language Services will not accept responsibility for any changes made unilaterally by the client without prior agreement.

5. Copyright
Lioness Language Services will have the copyright on translations as determined in the Copyright Act (404/1961). Lioness Language Services will surrender copyright on translations within the scope and purpose of the commissioned work. Lioness Language Services will own the copyright on all translation memories generated from the commissioned work.

Lioness Language Services will not have copyright on proofread, revised, edited or transcribed material, and does not take responsibility of the acceptance of the proofreading, editing or other suggestions, which is the responsibility of the client.

6. Force majeure
Lioness Language Services must inform the client immediately of any circumstances deemed to constitute force majeure. Force majeure entitles both the client and Lioness Language Services to abort the commissioned work, although the client must pay for all work already completed. Lioness Language Services will undertake to assist the client in every way to transfer the commissioned work to a third party for completion.

The following are deemed to constitute force majeure: strike action, lock-outs, working disputes, civil disorder, natural disasters, war, sudden illness or any other unforeseen obstacle which can be demonstrated to have prevented Lioness Language Services from completing the commissioned work within the agreed timetable.

7. Disputes and damage liability
In the first instance, disputes between the client and Lioness Language Services will be settled by arbitration. The parties may commission, by agreement, an independent inspection of the work carried out. Disputes which cannot be settled through arbitration will be resolved in the District Court in Turku, in accordance with Finnish law.

Lioness Language Services’ liability for damages will be limited to, at maximum, the amount received for the work carried out, and consider the following damages: that have occurred on a printed material; that directly result from a mistake made by Lioness Language Services; that have occurred on a material previously accepted by Lioness Language Services. Lioness Language Services will not be held responsible for any indirect or consequential damages resulting from the translation, nor any alterations made unilaterally by the client.

Lioness Language Services will not be held liable for damages that have not been reported to Lioness Language Services within 14 days after the delivery of the work.

8. Finnish law shall be applied in the interpretation of these terms of service


Privacy Policy


Lioness Language Services
Leinikkikatu 2 B 5
20740 Turku, Finland

What personal data do we collect about you?
We collect the following personal data to maintain your relationship with us: your name and surname, the name of the possible organization you are representing, and email address.

If you enter into contract with us, we also collect this additional information: phone number; VAT ID of your organization; and your or your organization’s address.

How do we obtain your personal data?
Any information from which you could be identified is provided by you. We collect also data about our website and social media page users via Google Analytics and social media sites’ own analytics tools, but this data does not allow us to identify the said users.

How do we use your personal data?
Your personal data will be processed for the following purposes:
to enable us to communicate and agree on a project;
to enable us to deliver the project;
to enable us to invoice the said project;

The data we collect about our website and social media users is used for website and social media enhancement and maintenance purposes. This information might also serve our marketing purposes. However, the data does not allow us to identify the said users.

How long will we keep your personal data?
We maintain our communications (i.e. email) archive for 12 months for past clients. If you have not communicated with us in 12 months, and 12 months have also passed since your last invoice payment, your data is removed.

With whom do we share your personal data?
We do not share your data to third parties, although we are processing data of our website and social media site users through Google Analytics and social media sites’ analytics tools.

Cookies are placed to analyze our website visitors’ preferences and behavior so that we can improve our website in the future. You can decline from cookies by either exiting our website or using your web browser settings.

Transfers of your personal data outside of your home country
Lioness Language Services is based in Finland. The information gathered from our website visitors via Google Analytics or social media sites’ analytics tools is stored in their platforms.

Protecting your personal data
Your personal data is protected with firewalls and passwords, and can be accessed only by Lioness Language Service’s owner.

Your rights
You are entitled to request the correction and/or deletion of the personal data you have provided for us. This request must be done in writing and sent either through a post or email.


Effective as of: 25 May 2018